Sidewalks these days

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘City Sidewalks.’ See more responses here. The Big Island is a bit short on cities, but we do have a few sidewalks, even up here in North Kohala.

For many years, Hawi had a Saturday farmers’ market, which was held on a green space, under the banyan trees, near the heart of the community. The Covid virus shut that down and after a while, it was announced that the market wouldn’t return. Instead, once restrictions were eased, a Saturday morning market appeared on the sidewalks downtown. This wasn’t a problem since pretty much all the businesses were closed.

Yesterday’s market was quite busy, with the added boost of the approaching Christmas season. In the top photo, the Kohala Coffee Mill was open for business but still had room for a couple of vendors out front. In the second photo, the space in front of the Bamboo Restaurant is fully occupied. The restaurant has been closed since March, and while limited seating and take out is allowed now, the restaurant has not reopened. A lot of their trade was from tourists so I suspect they’re waiting to see how that develops. They do, however, appear to be planning on reopening.

The third photo, taken farther down the street, was taken a few days earlier and reflects how things are without an event like the market. This building, at street level, was occupied by a gallery and a popular restaurant. Both have not only closed, but aren’t going to reopen. The spaces appear to be in the process of gaining new tenants, though I doubt they’ll open soon since there are still relatively few tourists visiting the island, at least compared to previous years.

The bottom photo shows a covered sidewalk, which complements the street sidewalk. There are several active businesses in this building, but it’s still much quieter than it used to be. I suspect that this year might have reminded old timers of how this part of the island used to be in the days before the tourist boom happened.

The bottom photo is also posted in response to Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge for November. See more responses here.

9 thoughts on “Sidewalks these days

  1. lisaonthebeach

    Nice post, but does bring sadness. There is nothing like the hustle and bustle of activity and interaction with others. Especially on vacation. I have always loved that exciting vibe as part of my vacation. Although I also do enjoy relaxing as well. Hope that soon visitors are allowed back to Hawaii. I would like to be one of them some day 😎

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    1. Graham Post author

      We’ve had tourists back for about a month now and the protocols in place seems to be working pretty well. I’ve certainly noticed more visitors, but nothing like the number that were here in previous years. I think it will be months before anything resembling normalcy returns, and that’s probably dependent on whether vaccinations are available and effective. Until then, we’re muddling through like people everywhere.

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  2. SandyL

    Thanks for sharing your neighborhood Graham. I will say it looks similar to the main street in Tofino. The storefronts, sidewalks and relaxed attitude. I think it’s the small-town-close-to-beach vibe 🙂

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    1. Graham Post author

      Well, everything is a little different these days. Perhaps Hawaii will end up being a little less dependent on tourists and a little more self-sufficient, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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