Stoic reef lizardfish

When I go snorkeling, until I get in the water I never know what the visibility will be like, what I’ll see, and whether I’ll have any photo opportunities. I usually swim for about an hour or so and in that time I could take 40 photos or none at all.

On this day, I’d taken maybe two photos. I was in the process of taking my fins off and getting out of the water when I glanced down and saw this reef lizardfish just off to the side of the ladder. I had one fin on and one off as some moderate swell rolled in, so I hung on to the ladder with one hand as I ducked my head under and snapped some photos. Despite my ungainly thrashing around, the lizardfish remained planted on the bottom, possibly relieved when I finally got my act together and lugged myself out of the water.

9 thoughts on “Stoic reef lizardfish

    1. Graham Post author

      Well they are predators and they do have a lot of teeth. I’m not sure how aggressive they are to people in the water. I think they mostly keep still, relying on their camouflage. If someone gets too close, they zip away.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I’m probably the least graceful creature he will see in his lifetime! By the way, I watched 2 episodes of Bridgerton but that was it. I was ready to abandon ship halfway through the first one but wanted to give it a chance. It was all very nice to look at, but I wasn’t gripped by the story, and it wasn’t as entertaining or funny as I thought it would be.

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