Mirror image

I was sorting through some photos the other day when I came across this one and realized I hadn’t posted it before. If it looks somewhat familiar, it’s because this is the image my gravatar comes from. I chose it because, if I were a gecko, I’m pretty sure that’s the expression I’d have most of the time.

14 thoughts on “Mirror image

  1. bushboy

    That’s my smile for the morning thanks Graham. Excellent photo. When I first glanced I thought if that’s a snake, boy is Graham going to get a lot of flack 😀 😀
    ps Speaking from past experiences

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    1. Graham Post author

      I know you get a lot of flak for them. If I get a photo of a snake here, it will be seen in a news report. There are infrequent sightings in Hawaii, usually smuggled in pets that have gotten loose.

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