Rosy red

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Color Challenge: Rosy Red.’ See more responses here.

The top photo is a very red gate at the entrance to a newly fenced field. The grey cylinders are protection for something planted inside, possibly macadamia nut trees.

The middle photo shows a group of soldierfishes, mostly pearly soldierfishes, though one or two might be the very similar bigscale soldierfishes.

Finally, the third photo shows the brilliant blossoms of a royal poinciana tree.

14 thoughts on “Rosy red

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  3. Sue from Women Living Well After 50

    Hi Graham I loved your interpretation of Rosy Red for #SundayStills the blossoms on the tree are just stunning and we have these here in Australia. The Red gate is so welcoming and yet a bold statement. I also contributed to #sundaystills by Looking through Rose coloured glasses. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my take on the prompt.

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