Common bigeye

A common bigeye fish in a hollow in the rocks

When I see very red fish hanging around in deep recesses in the rocks, I assume they’re soldierfishes. That’s what I thought this was, so I was a bit puzzled when I couldn’t identify what kind of soldierfish it was.

It was much later that I was thumbing through my fish identification book, looking for something else, and happened on the pages for bigeyes. I’d never heard of them before. There were only two listed and this one is the common bigeye. It’s most easily distinguished by its slightly convex tail, as opposed to the slightly concave tail of the other one, the Hawaiian bigeye.


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    1. Graham Post author

      Funny you should ask that, because my fish book says their red color makes them more difficult to see at night, which is when they’re active (they’re resting when I see them in the daytime). That’s because red wavelengths are rapidly absorbed by seawater, meaning they reflect little light at night or at depth.

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