Surfing looks easy

Surfers returning to shore at Pine Trees in Hawaii
Surfers returning to shore at Pine Trees in Hawaii

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Hawaii is the home of surfing, a sport that accommodates everyone from the casual weekender to fixtures on the professional circuit. On this day, Pine Trees surf break at Kohanaiki Beach Park was thronged with surfers in the water, but not many catching waves. Those that did tended to be far away from where I was. But I liked watching these two surfers casually glide back to shore on white-topped blue-green water, under a blue sky.

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9 thoughts on “Surfing looks easy

    1. Graham Post author

      I hope she gives it a try. Catching a wave looks like a lot of fun though there’s a fair amount of just hanging around out in the water waiting for the right waves.


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    1. Graham Post author

      When conditions are right, the waves really do roll ashore. I don’t think they ever get as big as on the other islands, but they can still be impressive.

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