A green turtle says hello

A Green turtle, with a slender remora on its shell, checks out the photographer

I was snorkeling yesterday, when I looked up and saw this green turtle coming towards me. It was near the surface and heading up so I thought it might be about to take a breath. Instead, the turtle, which was quite small, leveled off and kept coming my way.

Usually, in the water, I have a bit of zoom on my camera since that’s often needed. In this instance, I zoomed out and found myself leaning back to keep the turtle in the image. It came within a foot of me and I thought we were going to butt heads, but at the last moment it stopped, veered, then swooped down and away.

It wasn’t until I got home and processed my photos that I noticed the slender remora on the turtle’s shell, behind its head. Remoras, which don’t harm their hosts, attach themselves by means of a sucker disk on their heads, so what can be seen on this turtle is the underside of the fish.

I don’t change my desktop image often, but the top photo makes me so happy I popped it up immediately, so I’m posting it in response to Clare’s monthly Share Your Desktop challenge (see more responses here).

A green turtle swims by

28 thoughts on “A green turtle says hello

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    1. Graham Post author

      This was the second of two days of pretty good visibility in the water so that was an added bonus. He was certainly curious. I’ve found that juveniles tend to be a bit more that way, perhaps because they haven’t yet learned that people are fairly dull and often dangerous!

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  3. Clare

    Oh, Graham 🥰 I agree with Susanne – What a treat! I would have been in my element, heart pumping away, filling with adrenalin, and overflowing with glee. Thank you so much for sharing and joining in on the SYD fun.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. I was thrilled to get this photo. I thought they might all be blurred because it just kept getting closer and closer. The downside is that this might be my desktop for several months!

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