Fresh tangerine juice

Tangerines on a tree in Hawaii
Tangerines from a tree in Hawaii
Tangerine fruit juice

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Here’s a weekly ritual of mine these days. There are two tangerine trees on the property and they constantly churn out fruit. I rarely see the flowers, though I did eventually notice that they do exist (here).

Each week, I pick a small bucket of ripe fruit. Often I can just reach up an pick enough for my needs. Sometimes I use a ladder and rake to snag the higher fruits. Then I take my bounty inside and juice it. I use a hand juicer; I tried a powered one, but it didn’t really work for me. It doesn’t take long to fill my jar. This time I used 29 tangerines, but the number varies from week to week depending on how ripe they are and how juicy.

I could juice them daily for truly fresh juice, but this still tastes pretty good to me.

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18 thoughts on “Fresh tangerine juice

    1. Graham Post author

      The odd thing about these trees is that in the years I’ve lived here I’ve only seen a few flowers. I think it’s because they’re small and appear to orient themselves towards the sun. Parts must flower while there’s fruit on the tree though, because I have a new batch of fruit already growing.

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  1. SandyL

    Such luxury. I think of tangerines as being so much more precious than oranges. They’re smaller, sweeter and less prolific. Growing up, I remember buying them from roadside stands while traveling through a particular part of the island (Jamaica). They looked just like yours – as does your juice. We never had enough to make juice though, they were gobbled up too quickly!

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    1. Graham Post author

      It is pretty nice just being able to pick fruit off the tree. I like the tangerine juice because it’s sweet, but has a little tartness to set it off. One time I picked some tangerines that weren’t as ripe as I thought and the tartness rather overwhelmed everything.

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