Downtown Hawi

Downtown Hawi, Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Urban.’ See more responses here.

North Kohala is mostly rural, so in this part of the world Hawi and Kapaau are the only urban centers and pretty small ones at that.

The top photo shows downtown Hawi on a moderately busy day. Some days, the traffic and crush of visitors can make it almost impassible. Downtown is mostly shops and restaurants, though there’s a small local grocery store and, of course, real estate agents.

One kind of store you don’t get in most downtowns is Hawi’s Aloha Man which features items made in Hawaii. There’s even a hammock just out of sight to the left of the store, in case walking the two blocks of downtown is too much for you!

Aloha Man store in Hawi, Hawaii

12 thoughts on “Downtown Hawi

      1. bushboy

        I wanted something from a shop. They didn’t have it. I asked if I ordered it should I have it sent to their shop. Wouldn’t make any difference she reckoned. Sometimes internet shopping just has to happen especially in a smallish town

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        1. Graham Post author

          It’s convenient and sometimes the only way to get things, but at our local post office the woman in charge says there are people who get packages every day. Goodness only knows what they must be ordering.

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  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    What a great shot, Graham! We drove right through there on our last full day in 2020. Yes, it was quite congested–darn tourists, LOL! Downtown Hilo was a little more urban (which reminds me I have a shot of Honolulu from the top of Diamond Head), but still not very. What a crack up there is a hammock close by–probably needed after waiting to cross the busy streets on North Kohala 😉

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    1. Graham Post author

      Glad you got to see North Kohala. It’s a beautiful place. I realized today that I have Honolulu photos, too, so tomorrow’s post is another for your challenge!

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