Do not disturb

Two cows in a field in Hawaii

When I first saw these two cows it was from the rear, looking into the sun (bottom photo). I thought it would make a nice photo if I could sneak past without disturbing them and get a photo from the front.

So I ambled along, trying not to provoke their interest and made it to a point where I had the sun at my back and a decent view of them. The only problem was, to get a clear shot I had to scramble up a bank and arrive at a spot where my view wasn’t blocked by another cow.

I gave it a good go, but just as I set up to take a photo, the one cow stirred. Still, I quite like the photo for the expressions. I had it tagged as two cows, but looking at the one on the right I’m not sure that’s the case and I certainly wasn’t about to scramble over the fence to see if I was right.

Two cows in a field in Hawaii

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    1. Graham Post author

      I try not to be, but sometimes it just happens. I was quite a distance from these two but the one on the left wasn’t comfortable. The one on the right never budged the whole time.

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