Ruby red images

A crown of thorns sea star
Two Kona Brewing Company beer taps

This week’s Sunday Stills color challenge theme is ‘Ruby Red.’ See more responses here.

The top photo shows a Crown of Thorns sea star, which feeds on coral, though not to a problematic extent in Hawaii.

The second photo illustrates a definite problem. When I stopped by the Harbor House restaurant at Honokohau, these were the only two Kona Brewing taps available. I was told the company has discontinued their Castaway IPA, which, if true, is a sad state of affairs, it being by far their best beer in my humble, but completely correct opinion.

The bottom three show a Gold Dust Day Gecko on a torch ginger, a Budweiser (not my beer of choice) sign at the Harbor House, and what I think is a Western Blood-red Lady Beetle.

11 thoughts on “Ruby red images

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    The sea star is amazing, Graham. What a bummer to lose your favorite beer! Hans would like that Longboard lager. I hope you can find a decent replacement, LOL! And thanks for sharing the beer-centric post today as we are in Scottsdale, AZ dealing with 108 F temps all week. Thank goodness for amazing A/C and beer (for Hans)!

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