Better Days: Old boat hoist

The old boat launch at Mahukona, Hawaii

The boat hoist at Mahukona has featured in a few of my posts, most notably here and here. Over the years, it’s taken a lot of punishment and that has finally caught up with it. When I went for a swim a couple of weeks ago, this was all that remained of it. I rather liked the jaunty hat on the piece at the left. When I went down there again a few days ago, the last of the metal had gone.

I’ve heard it might be replaced, but the wharf would probably need fixing first. Next door at the beach park – though there is no beach – the old pavilion is cordoned off awaiting demolition and replacement. That process started several years ago and the old building is still standing. Everything will happen in its own good Hawaii time!


3 thoughts on “Better Days: Old boat hoist

    1. Graham Post author

      I’m hoping the place will be allowed to continue its gradual decline until the last possible moment. It has a lot of character the way it is and doesn’t attract too big of a crowd.

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