They’re baaaaack

Wild piglets in Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Earth Day.’ See more responses here.

What’s more earthy than pigs. Of course, these piglets aren’t really back. The last litter is now much larger and correspondingly less cute. The ones in this photo are the latest batch. There are seven of them and they’re still in the ‘Everything is new and exciting’ phase. They root around in the dirt with such vigor that their back ends sometimes fly into the air. However, they haven’t yet learned that, while they’re doing this, they need to retain awareness of their surroundings. When something or someone, such as myself, can approach within five feet without them noticing, that might not end well. If mom’s around, she’ll warn them. If not, they’re easy to surprise.

In these photos, the piglets found something in the base of the palm and were clambering over each other to get a piece of it. I could have tapped one on the shoulder and it would probably have ignored me!

Then dad came along.

Wild piglets in Hawaii

Time to head for the cane grass.

Wild piglets in Hawaii

Wait for me!

Wild piglets in Hawaii

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