Gecko and bromeliad

The gecko is a gold dust day gecko, originally from Madagascar, and the bromeliad is aechmea blanchetiana, originally from Brazil. I liked this scene for the strong color contrast.

These were seen at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. For more information about Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, go to

10 thoughts on “Gecko and bromeliad

    • Geckos’ color can very from dull to bright. Not sure whether that’s related to health or something else. But when they’re bright, like this one, their colors really pop. When I photograph red or yellow flowers, I always hope one of them will show up to give the photo that extra something.

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        • The males and females don’t seem to differ much. I wonder if the dull color might be a precursor to shedding. While I’ve seen anoles shed several times, the only gecko I’ve seen shedding was one that lived in the house and he had trouble clearing the dead skin off his feet for several days. For a gecko, that’s big trouble, since it put his amazing sticky feet out of action. Problem was he kept jumping down into the bathroom and couldn’t get out again. In the end I built a set of three little steps that he could negotiate, and he used those until he finally cleared the remnants of old skin from his feet!


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