Ant farm

The happy domestic scene in the top photo is posted for Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge. See more responses here.

I noticed this gathering yesterday afternoon and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. Usually when ants find something to eat, they head back to the nest to spread the good news and in short order a line of ants is traveling back and forth to harvest their bounty. But these ants just seemed to be milling about in this area. There appears to be a blob of something that is their focus, but what it is I don’t know, though the second shot gives a bit better view.

Likely, it will be one of those situations where, when the morning rolls around, the ants have disappeared leaving no trace. If not, and they’re still there, well that’s slightly worrying.

11 thoughts on “Ant farm

    1. Graham Post author

      They’re very mission oriented, that’s true. I don’t mind them that much, and they actually do a lot of good in their activities, but little fire ants have moved into the area and they’re a different proposition. They have a nasty sting.


    1. Graham Post author

      They’re everywhere here, year round, and in the house whether I like it or not. It motivates me not to leave food out and to clean up if I drop or spill anything, teaching me things I wouldn’t learn as a kid!



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