Upolu landscape

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Your Favorite Landscape.’ See more responses here.

When I think of the landscape at Upolu, it includes both the ocean that borders it and the skies above. They are, in my mind, integral to the place. But here, I’ve focussed on the land, a relatively small area of a few square miles where I walk most days. It’s rural, agricultural, and coastal. It’s historic and modern. It’s also a place I never return from feeling disappointed. There’s always something of note that I see or that happens when I’m there.

Also posted in response to Becky’s January Squares challenge theme of ‘Up.’ See more responses here.

19 thoughts on “Upolu landscape

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    1. Graham Post author

      Upoloo is best but, to be honest, it’s a word I find I pronounce differently every time I say it. I’m NOT the person to ask about the pronunciation of Hawaiian words, that’s for sure!


    1. Graham Post author

      It’s pretty relaxed but I’m itching to see the sugar cane monster in action. I’m hoping it will be loud and dramatic with bits of cane flying everywhere.


  2. Terri Webster Schrandt

    I’ve enjoyed your views of Upolu, Graham. It’s interesting to see the wind turbines on the horizons. Such a beautiful area for regular walking and a nice microcosm of life on the Big Island. When we were near there, I couldn’t believe I was seeing Maui!

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