A cat sits by a puddle

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Respect the Cat.’ See more responses here.

We don’t have a cat here in Hawaii, but this is one of our neighbor’s cat. It used to spend more time around our house, but as it’s got older, it seems to stick closer to home. We call it the BGP, which stands, of course, for big gray pussycat.

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  2. Marsha

    He looks like he knows his way around the world, Graham. I’m sorry you had to leave your cat behind. That’s so hard. We didn’t bring our sweet Scardy Boy. He had survived nose cancer, but about six months after that he started loosing his hair and his appetite. The vet told us he probably had diabetes and would need daily shots. Had we stayed in California, I would have done it, but in the middle of a cross country move, to being an inside cat after 19.5 years of living outside, I chose to let him rest peacefully. It was a hard decision, but the doctor and I thought it was for the best.

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    1. Graham Post author

      It’s sad having to let a pet go. My brother-in-law’s family took our cat in. They lived on five acres (a traumatic hour’s drive away!) and I think he had a good life before he passed on.

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          1. Marsha

            That is so true, Graham. He looked so sad when the doctor carried him off. They invited me back to be with him, but I couldn’t do that. It was sad enough just knowing. I’m glad I have tons of pictures of him.

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