Hawi humpback whale tail art

Artwork on a fence in Hawi, Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Images Inspired by Favorite Song Lyrics.’ See more responses here.

Day two of this theme response is a photo that fits three quite different songs I like: Mountain’s Nantucket Sleighride, 10cc and their classic Art for Art’s Sake, and Steeleye Span with Let Her Go Down, even though this is a track that doesn’t feature the distinctive voice of Maddy Prior.

5 thoughts on “Hawi humpback whale tail art

  1. Marsha

    Graham, this is a perfect post to link to PPAC – Photographing Public Art Challenge. This is Cee’s week until Friday, when it’s my turn again. There’s no theme other than public art.

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      1. Marsha

        No pressure, Graham, of course. I wasn’t suggesting do another post, but copy and paste the link on the PPAC post for the week. I just thought is was such a cool picture and it fits the topic of being public art. 🙂

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