Rainbow over Hawi

A rainbow in North Kohala

I was driving home late one afternoon, when I saw a rainbow forming in front of the gloom enveloping Hawi. I thought about stopping, but at that point, getting a photo would have likely involved the camera getting wet and the results being not that great. I kept going.

But as I neared Hawi, the rainbow strengthened and the precipitation diminished and I was compelled to turn onto the road to Upolu Airport, pull over, and snap some photos of what was a lovely, bright rainbow, with a faint but definite echo just above it.

6 thoughts on “Rainbow over Hawi

      1. Kitty

        I’m sorry, I sometimes forget that it’s mostly us scandinavians who knows of him (and the others), but it’s such a beautiful picture that I thought it was a perfect fit.

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          1. Kitty

            Just a side note. I got curious and learned something too. I thought it was only in Norse mythology the rainbow plays an important role. Not so. In Hawaiian mythology it has a similar function. It’s also a road for deceased to get to heaven. That’s beautiful..

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