One of our rotors is missing

A wind turbine at Hawi Wind Farm has its rotor removed for maintenance

Yesterday, I stopped by Hawi Wind Farm on my way back from a walk because I’d seen this scene on the drive down. The rotor is, of course, not missing. It’s lying flat at the base of the turbine. And it wasn’t just one rotor in this position. A second turbine also had the rotor removed.

Ironically, it was a sunny day with virtually no wind but, because it was Sunday, no one was working. They’ll probably be back when the 40 mph winds and lashing rain kick in again, just to make the work challenging!

Posted in response to Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge. See more responses here.

5 thoughts on “One of our rotors is missing

  1. The Snow Melts Somewhere

    Sundays as a concept are so funny, if you really think of it, in the modern world. (I’m non-religious, hope this comment doesn’t seem offensive!) Over here, people get paid double to work on Sundays. When I was a student, I was always willing to do Sundays and evenings because I could get better pay for the exact same work people do on weekdays. Now, especially after Covid began, it’s led to most places closing up on Sundays to avoid double-pay. This means people working 9 to 5 jobs on weekdays, like myself, have to shop online because shops are never open when I’m available to go there!

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    1. Graham Post author

      It’s a little odd in our 24/7 modern world (and I’m not religious either). I prefer working weekends, for the reasons you state and because beaches and hiking spots are less crowded during the week. Here it generally doesn’t result in extra pay unless the job is union. Ironically, Covid has resulted in pay increases here because businesses are desperate for workers and so have been forced to increase what they’ll pay.

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      1. The Snow Melts Somewhere

        Ah, interesting what Covid did over there. Here, everything just kind of moved online. The main commercial street is dead quiet by 6:30 pm now, everything closed, when shops used to be open til 9 pm and restaurants bustling.

        I used to like that too: having days off when everyone else was working. Avoiding the crowds, like you said!

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