Cozy cats

A couple of cats rest in the afternoon shade

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Cozy.’ See more responses here.

I don’t have too many cozy photos, but cats seem to be cozy pretty much wherever they are. These two are from the place where I work. They seem to think that they run the joint, and in some ways they do. They look mellow in the photo, but it should be noted that I call the lower cat ‘Slasher.’ There’s a reason for that.

8 thoughts on “Cozy cats

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    1. Graham Post author

      They certainly know how to relax. They’re friendly when they want to be fed. After that they’re entirely indifferent to the extent that when birds come through for left over cat food, they don’t even look at them, let alone do anything about it!


    1. Graham Post author

      We don’t have a cat at home. It’s tricky with all the feral cats around. The ones at work were feral, but because they were around a lot they were rounded up, tagged, fixed and given shots. They still have a bit of feral in them though, which is why it’s wise to take care around them!

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