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Gold dust day gecko on a bird of paradise

This week’s posts are on the theme of the WordPress photo challenge, ‘Tour Guide.’

Today’s photo features a couple of tropical standbys, a gold dust day gecko getting ready to take a drink from a bird of paradise flower. The flower is a riot of color and the gecko, also very colorful, is bold and cheerful. Most visitors are likely to encounter at least one, glued to a wall or ceiling, watching them with a somewhat bemused expression.

Sriracha the Bengal tiger

Sriracha, a female Bengal tiger, paces at Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo in Hilo.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is to choose your favorite photo taken in 2017. I’m going with a photo that I haven’t posted before (though below I offer a few of my favorites that have run).

This is Sriracha, a female Bengal tiger and cousin of Tzatziki, a white male tiger. Both can be found at Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo in Hilo. What I like about this photo is those huge paws, the quiet movement, and the sense of great power that could be uncoiled at any moment.

For more information about Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens, go to hilozoo.org.

As far as favorite photos already posted are concerned, I offer a few here:

Top. A gold dust day gecko drinking from a bird of paradise flower is a blaze of color (posted here).

Second. This photo captures the awesome spectacle of the lava firehose from Kilauea Volcano pouring into the ocean (posted here). Currently, while the flow is still active, lava is no longer entering the ocean.

Third. I was happy to snap the moment a passion vine butterfly laid an egg (posted here). This was taken on the same day as the gecko photo above, so a banner day for me.

Fourth. I like all the photos in this post for their color and how they capture something of this most Hawaiian of dance (posted here).

Finally, I love this gargantuan blenny for its name, and was very pleased to get this photo, since the fish is apt to dart away and the shallow water was rocking (posted here).

A gold dust day gecko ponders refreshment on a bird of paradise

A gold dust day gecko sits on bird of paradise flower.A gold dust day gecko sits on bird of paradise flower.

Gold dust day geckos have a lot of character. They’re largely unperturbed by human presence, often just returning the gaze of the big-headed creature looking at them. If they do feel threatened, they’ll disappear in an instant, usually just running off, but sometimes hurling themselves into space before sticking to whatever surface they were aiming for.

I found this gecko on a bird of paradise flower. I like the cheeky grin above, then the look of contemplation, and finally the reward.

A gold dust day gecko drinks from a bird of paradise flower.