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Two donkeys

Two donkeys in Hawaii

Here’s the third of my three weather-related posts. Driving home from the walk in yesterday’s second photo, I saw these two donkeys. They live right on the shoulder of Kohala Mountain in the same 45-inches-of-rain-a-year range as Upolu. They’d been on the receiving end of the same weather as my first photo yesterday, but now they were standing on their little hill, soaking up bright sunshine, and drying out a little.

Posted in response to Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Bright.’ See more responses here.

Signs: Donkey crossings

A few miles north of Kona Airport is a stretch of highway where these signs can be seen – the written warning in the foreground and a handy image in background for those who don’t know what a donkey looks like. Not that they’re going to find out here. There are no donkeys.

The signs hark back to when there were a number of wild donkeys roaming the island and this was, apparently a place where they crossed the road on a regular basis. But donkeys crossing a major road travelled by many speeding vehicles is not a tale that ends well, for the donkey or the vehicle. So the donkeys were all rounded up and put out to pasture, as it were, in domestic situations. Only the signs remain.

Except … I’ve been told that not all of them were captured. Unaccountable braying has been heard, though no donkeys have been seen, but do you want to take that chance speeding past these signs only to see, too late …