Uplifting moments from 2020

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Your 2020 Retrospective.’ See more responses here. Also posted in response to Becky’s January Squares challenge theme of ‘Up.’ See more responses here.

In this retrospective I’ve focused on events and photos that were uplifting for me during the difficult year that was. Most of these photos haven’t run before, but were taken at the same time as those in posts that ran in 2020. Links to the original posts are at the end of the captions.

12 thoughts on “Uplifting moments from 2020

    1. Graham Post author

      I’d picked this hydrant to illustrate the phenomenon, but when the time came, I realized the poles weren’t exactly vertical! The lamp with its concrete base was nearby and worked better.

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  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    A wonderful retrospective in images, Graham! I almost expected to see a flower from the botanical gardens, but like me, you have zillions of photos! That pic of the bay devoid of tourists is sad but dreamy and of course, the erupting volcano ended 2020 with a bang! Great to have you along for Sunday Stills all these years!

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