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Kalij Pheasant

A Kalij Pheasant in a tree in Hawaii

Recently, I heard a soft chucking noise up in a Kiawe tree that was certainly not from one of the usual residents in the area. So I grabbed my camera and circled the tree trying to locate the source. It turned out to be this female Kalij Pheasant, a bird I almost always see on the ground.

The pheasant clambered through the branches as I tried to get a clear shot. Eventually, it found a good spot and stayed still, as pheasants do, and I was able to get close enough to snap a couple of photos.

Kalij Pheasaants are native to Southern Asia. They were brought to Hawaii in 1962 as game birds.

A Kalij Pheasant in a tree in Hawaii

Kalij pheasant

A male Kalij Pheasant on the Big Island of Hawaii.A male Kalij Pheasant on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I saw this male Kalij pheasant, with two others, alongside the Powerline Trail, off Saddle Road. I hadn’t noticed them while walking through the trees on the dead-straight trail, but I became aware of a slight but steady clucking sound and stopped to locate it. The birds were picking their way through some dense undergrowth and seemed not the least bit bothered by my presence. Perhaps they were aware it wasn’t one of the days when archery hunting is permitted.

For more information about the Powerline Trail, go to bigislandhikes.com/puu-oo-trail/.