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Old Saddle Road on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Old Saddle Road

An Oma'o on the Big Island of Hawaii.


A goat scrambles over the lava alongside the Pu’u O’o trail.

Goat on a lava field

A stand of trees, off Old Saddle Road, is silhouetted by early morning sunlight.

Silhouetted trees

This mare and her foal were among several horses in a pasture alongside Old Saddle Road.

Mare and foal

A Hawaii Amakihi about to feed on mamane flowers.

Hawai‘i ‘amakihi

A male Kalij Pheasant on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kalij pheasant

The entrance to Emesine Lava Tube on the Powerline Trail off Saddle Road.

Emesine lava tube