A fisherman and his catch

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Surprise.’ See more responses here.

I see a lot of fishermen when I’m out walking and they undoubtedly catch fish, but I never see them doing so. I’m as good at getting photos of that moment as I am at catching fish myself.

When I first saw this fisherman he was reeling in an empty line, as per usual. I kept walking, but moments later I heard a cry, turned to look, and saw him winding away on his line. I nipped back to take photos, fully expecting it to be a false alarm – his line was snagged in the rocks or he’d hooked some debris. So I was surprised when he hauled this fish from the water. I don’t know what kind it was, but it was a decent size and probably destined to be that evening’s supper.

Nutmeg mannikin

Nutmeg mannikin (Lonchura punctulata) is also known as scaly-breasted munia and spice finch. They feed on grass seeds. Here, a mannikin is feeding on cane grass seeds. It will work its way up the stem until the whole plant is stripped and the farther up it goes, the more the stem bends.

Baby gecko on bird of paradise

Last month, I posted (here) a photo of a gold dust day gecko drinking from a bird of paradise flower. This photo, taken last week, is from that same clump of plants. This flower is past its prime, but the gecko has not yet reached adulthood and has already had at least one narrow escape judging by its missing tail. It kept its eyes on me, probably wondering if I represented another threat.

Pinang Yaki

Pinang Yaki (Areca vestiaria) is originally from eastern Indonesia. With its red crownshaft and orange fruits, it’s a colorful palm. But these colors vary depending on the tree’s elevation with a higher elevation leading to more vibrant colors.

Hawaiian hogfish

The Hawaiian hogfish is an endemic species. Mature fish live in deeper water around the Big Island so juveniles and subadults are more often seen. However, this one is a mature female and, while they’re not commonly seen while snorkeling, they do pop up on a regular basis. They feed on molluscs, urchins, crabs, and stars amongst other things.

Abstracts: Bird of paradise flower opening

A close up look at a bird of paradise flower in the early stages of opening to its full glory.

Giant African land snail dicing with death

I spotted this giant African land snail in the yard a few days ago, moving purposefully through the wet grass. Unfortunately, it was moving in a straight line toward one of my truck’s wheels. Since I was about to get into the truck and drive away, the snail was perilously close to getting smushed. Instead, I picked it up and moved it out of the way before driving off.

Given that the giant African land snail is an invasive species I should probably have just run it over. Next time maybe.

Cyclist and Maui

A cyclist rides along the North Kohala coast, with ʻAlenuihāhā Channel and Maui making a scenic backdrop.