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Heavy rain in the Alenuihaha Channel, between Maui and the Big Island, rumbles towards shore.

Storm in the channel

Maui and Kohala Mountain as seen from Pu'u Ahumoa on the lower slopes of Mauna Kea.

The view from from Pu’u Ahumoa

A wandering tattler flies along the Kohala coast

A view of Maui and a wandering tattler

A pair of sailboats at anchor off the Big Island with Maui in the background.

Boats at anchor

Maui stands out above puffy clouds and long, low swell.

Maui from the water

A memorial on the Kohala coast.

Memorial on the coast

A sailboat rolls down the Alenuihaha Channel under only a mainsail as Maui pokes through the clouds in the background.

Rolling down the channel

A house is moved into a pasture on the Big Island.

Room with a view