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A Bee on a Maiapilo flower

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Summer Bugs.’ (See more responses here.) To the best of my knowledge, Hawaii’s bugs are pretty much the same year-round. Here are some of them.

The top photo shows a bee showing impressive balance on a maiapilo flower.

Next up, clockwise from top left: Getting down to eye level with a juvenile praying mantis. A painted lady butterfly on a kiawe tree. A katydid wondering what it’s done to deserve this much attention. A seven-spotted lady beetle being watched.

The final gallery: Top left: A mango flower beetle explores a spider lily. Top right: A watchful cane spider wondering if it should run, very fast, away. Bottom left: A Hawaiian carpenter ant (Camponotus variegatus), one of too many that have taken up residence in the house. Bottom right: A rusty millipede deciding that it’s all too much!

Here’s looking at you, katydid

I noticed this katydid on the outside of a window and hurried to take a photo. There are a couple of things I like about this photo.

One is that it reminds me that it’s good to look at things from a different perspective now and then. The other is that it reminds me I really, really need to wash the windows.

Young katydid

A young katydid sits on a step
This very small katydid gave me a wary look as I descended the front steps. It had good reason to since katydids have been one of the main munchers of the basil plants. But since those plants are now safe under netting, I tiptoed past without so much as a nasty glare.