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Wild turkey crossing the road

A wild turkey crosses Saddle Road in Hawaii

Wild turkeys aren’t too bright. This one rushed across the road to catch up with the rest of the flock that had scurried across before I could get my camera organized. As to why the flock crossed the road, I don’t know. Perhaps they were following chickens.

Posted in response to Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Bright.’ See more responses here.

Happy Turkey Day

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., so I hope you have as good a day as these turkeys, which are undoubtedly happy to be alive. And as an aside, looking at these photos made me appreciate what lovely plumage these birds have.

Birds in a row

This week sees the return of the Friendly Friday challenge with a theme of ‘All in a Row.’ See more responses here.

I’ve plumped for some bird photos. Above, a trio of common myna birds stand on a railing looking severe, as they always do. Middle, wild turkeys form two lines, as if they’re performing some kind of dance routine. Below, African silverbills perch on a fence overlooking the ocean.

Wild turkeys

wild turkeys

wild turkey and chickWild turkeys are often seen wandering through pasture land in small groups. In the photo above, a large male shows a female what a fine specimen he is. In the second photo, a mother guides her chick through the long grass.

Wild turkeys

One of the joys of driving the old Saddle Road from Waimea towards Hilo, is that one will almost certainly see groups of wild turkeys. These birds were introduced to Hawaii almost 200 years ago and are going strong still.

From what I’ve seen, the question of ‘Why did the turkey cross the road?’ is best answered by, ‘To get back to where it came from.’

From a driving perspective, encountering these birds gives me a chance to yell, “Get out of the road, you turkeys,” which must be the mildest form of road rage.