As time goes by

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Weathered.’ See more responses here.

In the top photo, a dead tree on the lower slopes on Mauna Kea, stretches weathered branches toward the sky.

Second photo: Petroglyphs in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park have been weathered by years of sun and rain, but are still clearly visible.

Third photo: A cattle ranch alongside old Saddle Road includes this old structure bordering a stockyard.

Bottom photo: Butterflies have a short lifespan, but in that time they can go from looking boldly marked and colored to very faded, with some looking like it’s a miracle they can fly at all.

For more information about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, go to

8 thoughts on “As time goes by

    1. Graham Post author

      Such a good movie. I once watched it at an outdoor venue where I was in the front row, and spent a good deal of time looking up a the huge heads of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and thinking what big noses they have!

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      1. naturebackin

        It is a movie that lives up to its reputation. I have only once watched a movie on a big screen from really close-up, and that was in the early days of what was called cinemascope. The movie was The Great Gatsby and I had to turn my head from side to side to take in Robert Redford in close-up from ear to ear, so I know what you mean about the noses 😊

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