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Praying Mantis waiting

A praying mantis in an agave attenuata
A praying mantis in an agave attenuata

This Praying Mantis spent several days on this Agave Attenuata, waiting patiently for food. There were bees all over the flowers and I think the mantis got some of them, as well as other insects.

I presumed the mantis was a female as it seemed to be getting bigger. A couple of days after taking these photos, the mantis disappeared but I saw an egg sac on a nearby tree, so maybe there will be more on the way!

What the katydid did

A katydid on a screen in Hawaii
A gecko stalks a katydid in Hawaii

I noticed this katydid on one of the window screens and took a few photos, trying to capture a ‘life-behind-bars’ feeling. Little did I know how this would pan out.

The gecko appeared from above and slowly edged towards its prey. Then it reached down and …. licked the katydid. The katydid immediately hurled itself into space and wasn’t seen again. The gecko wandered off. Apparently, life can get very weird behind bars.

Favorites from 2022

Surf crashes ashore on the North Kohala coast in Hawaii
January: High surf crashes ashore in North Kohala. (link)

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Your 2022 Year-in-Review.’ See more responses here. Like last year, I’ve gone with a favorite photo from each month of 2021, with a caption and link to the post the photo first appeared in.

A Common Waxbill feeds on cane grass seeds
February: A Common Waxbill grabs a mouthful of seeds. (link)
A Monarch butterfly on purple bougainvillea flowers
March: A Monarch Butterfly on a bougainvillea. (link)
A Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle swims by
April: A Green Turtle swims by. (link)
Three cats resting in Hawaii
May: A trio of cats hard at work! (link)
A photo of an owl in a car wing mirror
June: How to keep birds off your car. (link)
A view of Green sand beach (Papakōlea) on the Big Island, Hawaii
July: The green sand beach near South Point. (link)
A white-tailed tropicbird flying over North Kohala, Hawaii
August: A White-tailed Tropicbird glides by. (link)
A Black-crowned night heron struggles o get out of an algae covered pond
September: A Black-crowned Night Heron struggles to get out of a pond. (link)
A Spinner dolphin leaps from the waters off Hawaii
October: A Spinner Dolphin leaps from the water off North Kohala. (link)
Two manta rays in the waters off Hawaii
November: A pair of Manta Rays swims toward me. (link)
A cloud forms over the site of the eruption on Mauna Loa , Hawaii
December: Mauna Loa erupted for the first time in 40 years, capturing attention and changing the weather. (link)

Hawk Moth Caterpillar

A Hawk Moth Caterpillar in Hawaii
A Hawk Moth Caterpillar in Hawaii

I found this hawk moth caterpillar crossing a walkway, and ushered it to safety. I’m not sure exactly which moth it is the caterpillar of, possibly Swinhoe’s Striated Hawk Moth (Hippotion rosetta) or Pale Striated Hawk Moth (Hippotion boerhaviae), both of which have been recorded in Hawaii and are very difficult to tell apart.

Ceresium unicolor

A Ceresium unicolor longhorn beetle in Hawaii

Ceresium unicolor is a longhorn beetle that, apparently doesn’t have a common name. An introduced species, it’s not consider to be a problem in Hawaii. I found this one walking along the railing of my lanai.

A Ceresium unicolor longhorn beetle in Hawaii

Stop that incessant buzzing

A gecko and a bee on an agave attenuata in Hawaii
A gecko and a bee on an agave attenuata in Hawaii
A gecko on an agave attenuata in Hawaii

I couldn’t resist returning to the Agave Attenuata currently blooming in the yard. On this occasion, I was watching a gecko buried in the flower when one of the bees that have been collecting from the flowers came into the frame.

The gecko looked decidedly unimpressed by the bee’s proximity, and relieved when it disappeared.

Posted for Becky’s Squares theme of “Walking” (See more responses here).