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Rosy-faced Lovebirds

Two Rosy-faced Lovebirds snack on a Royal Poinciana seed pod

I was on an early morning walk at Kawaihae when my camera started flashing red indicating that my battery was about done. On the way back to my car, I noticed these two Rosy-faced Lovebirds in a Royal Poinciana tree, trying to get the better of one of the long seed pods. These birds are also known as Peach-faced Lovebirds and have considerable color variations.

I liked how they took it in turns to try and get to grips with the pod and have a nibble, and I was glad my battery lasted long enough to capture the encounter.

Brush fire

A brush fire on the North Kohala Coast

My homeward commute last evening was extended by this brush fire on Akoni Pule Highway, north of Kawaihae. I heard that the highway was closed before I left work, but thought I’d head that way in the hope that it was a small fire and the road would soon reopen.

When I got closer, I saw a line of flame on the ridge ahead and I knew this wasn’t going to be a short delay. The flames were only on the ocean side of the highway, but the wind, though not strong, was onshore. The road was closed because of the possibility of the flames reaching or even crossing the highway

I couldn’t get much in the way of definitive information. Someone said an hour delay, but this being Hawaii, an hour can easily become three hours. So I bit the bullet, turned around, and headed for Waimea and the Kohala Mountain Road to get home. That was the only alternative. However, it wasn’t that many years ago that the mountain road was the only way in and out of North Kohala, so I can’t complain too much.

I got home around 6 p.m., a good hour later than I would have had the road been open.

A brush fire on the North Kohala Coast

Golden waters

Smoky skies cause golden light on the waters of Hawaii
Smoky skies cause golden light on the waters of Hawaii
Smoky skies cause golden light on the waters of Hawaii

A good while ago, I posted photos of smoky skies around Kawaihae, which were the result of a large brush fire up the hill from there. I intended to follow up with more photos and then forgot, which is nothing unusual.

Here are a few more photos from that time, taken from Spencer Beach Park. The smoke in the air resulted in golden light on the waters, which is the one and only time I’ve seen that in my 10 years here.

Posted in response to this month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme of ‘Odd.’ See more responses here.

Attention seeker

An inflated attention getter

Had I been a little quicker on the uptake, I’d have run this photo the day after this post. I found this attention seeker in Kawaihae, hoping to lure passers-by to stop for ice, water, and shaved ice. He’s always smiling and he’s got eye-catching dance moves, too!

Posted in response to this month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme of ‘Odd.’ See more responses here.

None shall pass

A grasshopper blocks the way

I encountered this grasshopper while walking at Puʻukoholā Heiau National Historic Site at Kawaihae. As I approached, the grasshopper held its ground and I immediately thought of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Unlike the Black Knight, this grasshopper finally pinged off to the side and let me pass, all it’s limbs still intact!

Posted in response to this month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme of ‘Odd.’ See more responses here.

A look back at 2021

A Hawaiian monk seal resting
January: Hiwahiwa, a male Hawaiian Monk Seal born in 2020, rests at Upolu. Haven’t seen any monk seals since this encounter. (Link)

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘2021 in Your Rear-View Mirror.’ See more responses here. I’ve gone with a favorite photo from each month of 2021, with a caption and link to the post the photo first appeared in.

Wainanali’i lagoon at Kiholo, Hawaii at Kiholo, Hawaii
February: I love hiking at Kiholo Bay. There’s plenty to see and shady spots to rest awhile. (Link)
Spinner dolphins in the waters off the Big Island, Hawaii
March: Swimming with dolphins! Need I say more. (Link)
An I'iwi calls in a forest off Saddle Road, Hawaii
April: Another favorite hike, on Pu’u O’o Trail off Saddle Road, and an endemic I’iwi singing its heart out. (Link)
Close up of a coastal manta ray approaching
May: This inquisitive Manta Ray kept returning, probably wondering how something so clumsy-looking could survive in the water. (Link)
A Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly perched on a twig
June: I like seeing little creatures, such as this Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly, and I’m thrilled when the photos turn out. (Link)
Three palm trees in Hawaii
July: I like palm trees and word play so this was too tempting to pass up for Becky’s Tree Squares. (Link)
A school of mackerel scads, or Opelus being hunted by a rainbow runner off Hawaii
August: An instant in the water – a school of Mackeral Scads chased by a Rainbow Runner. They went by in a matter of seconds. (Link)
Red-masked parakeets at Kohanaiki Beach Park.
September: These Red-Masked Parakeets are not native, but they’re oh so tropical. (Link)
Early morning lights at the port of Kawaihae, Hawaii
October: When I have time, on my way to work, I stop at Kawaihae. I might see anything from a glorious sunrise, to a tiny crab on the beach, to these port lights. (Link)
The lava cone and lake at Kilauea Volcano in late 2021
November: Kilauea erupted again so I had to go look. The eruption is still going, but a little erratically these days. (Link)
A Green turtle, with a slender remora on its shell, checks out the photographer
December: A recent encounter and maybe my favorite Hawaiian Green Turtle photo. (Link)