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Praying mantis and gecko

For the past three weeks, this praying mantis has been a fixture on this spider lily. The downside of this location is that the plant is a favorite spot for gold dust day geckos. The geckos would no doubt like to eat the mantis, but have so far not made a move that I’ve seen. I suspect that one reason for this is that the geckos have learned that, while the mantis looks like it never moves, when they do, they move fast. A few futile sorties against a mantis would make any gecko decide to seek easier prey.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about the upside of this location for the mantis.

A praying mantis peers down

Praying Mantis staring

I posted recently (here) about finding the exoskeleton of a praying mantis after it had molted. It’s possible the mantis in this photo is the one that shed that skin, since I saw it in the same vicinity.

This mantis was stationed where a wall meets a ceiling and it was staring straight down that wall at me. I like this photo because I think it captures the mantis’s rather piercing stare.

A couple of days before I took this photo, another mantis, slightly bigger than this one, was perched on a Pepsi machine in the same vicinity. It was watching me as I went back and forth. Eventually, when I paused, it leapt onto my head. I reached up and encouraged it onto my hand, where it paused a moment before scampering up my arm. So I interposed my other hand, which it duly climbed onto. Cue the mantis then scampering up that arm. We did this little dance a few times before I managed to maneuver the mantis onto a deck rail. It perched there a while and then eventually flew off.

I guess I’m in a praying mantis purple patch.

Ghostly mantis

Ghostly mantis

A few days ago, just in time for Halloween, I noticed this ghostly praying mantis, devoid of its innards. The work of some ghoulish fiend? Alas no, at least for Halloween fans. Rather, this is the result of a mantis molting, which it will do up to five times en route to adulthood. At least I hope that’s what it was.

An alien-like praying mantis

When it comes to bugs, there are many contenders for otherworldly status. One such is the praying mantis. This one was slowly working its way along a hedge looking for prey, but it kept a wary eye out for the weird looking, big-headed alien creature pointing that glass-fronted box in its direction.

Posted in response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, ‘Out of This World.’