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Waipi’o Valley

The wild horses of Waipi'o Valley have some very nice territory in which to roam.

A Waipi’o Valley horse goes to the beach

A view of Waipi'o Valley taken from the mouth of the river

Waipi’o River

The sun illuminates one of the homesteads in Waipi'o Valley with Hi’ilawe Falls in the background.

Hi’ilawe Falls in Waipi’o Valley

The road to the beach in Waipi'o Valley is lined with wonderful curly-branched trees.

Waipi’o Valley trees

A horse wades through the sluggish waters of Waipi'o River in Waipi'o Valley.

You can lead a horse to water …

Words of wisdom and instructions for hikers at the start of the Muliwai Trail in Waipi’o Valley.

Signs: Muliwai trail advice

An old boat hull beside the road to Waipi'o beach.

Better Days: Waipi’o boat