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Abstracts: Bubbles

Bubbles on the underside of the water

When I’m in the water, I like taking photos looking back up toward the surface. These can produce some strange and unusual images. On this day, clumps of bubbles were drifting around and catching the light.

Posted in response to this month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme of ‘Odd.’ See more responses here.

Abstracts: Wheel

A close up of an auto wheel

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Metallic.’ See more responses here.

I’m not much of a car person. I like vehicles that are comfortable and reasonable to run. But mostly I look for reliability. But I know many people are really into cars.

Here on the island, we have lifted and lowered vehicles, cars with spoilers and go-faster stripes and other strange accessories. Tricked-out Honda Civics seem to be popular, but at the end of the day they’re still Civics, not Ferraris.

Wheels are popular spots for expression. I still think of hubcaps as round bits of shiny metal covering the wheel nuts, but those days are long gone. Hubcaps, or whatever they’re called these days, can be anything. The wheel in the photo had a jazzy, offset spiral thing going on. The irony is that many of these shiny, metallic pieces of auto art are not metal at all, but plastic wannabes.

Abstracts: Rock-boring urchin art

Channels made by rock-boring urchins in Hawaii

Yesterday I posted a photo of a crown-of-thorns star, with a few rock-boring urchins in it. Today’s post shows one example of the channels left by these urchins. This image initially looked like a brain to me, but then I began to see more of a tree in it.

Posted in response to Becky’s October Squares challenge theme of ‘Past Squares – Spiky/Lines.’ See more responses here.