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Abstracts: Tahitian Prawn

A Tahitian Prawn in a stream in Hawaii

I was taking photos of Tahitian Prawns in the stream at Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden, but when I looked at them later, I mostly liked the abstract effect of the light and water. But, yes, there is a Tahitian Prawn in this photo.

For more information about Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden, go to

Better Days: Boat hoist

The rusty boat hoist at Mahukona, on the Big Island of Hawaii
The rusty boat hoist at Mahukona, on the Big Island of Hawaii

This boat hoist, on the North Kohala coast, is used to launch small boats off trailers and into the water. I’ve featured it before (here), being engulfed by towering waves. All that salt water has undermined the integrity of the structure, but despite some large holes in the very rusty metal structure, people still launch boats here. All I can say is, I hope those boats are insured.

Better Days: Abandoned car

An abandoned car in Hawaii
An abandoned car in Hawaii

I saw this car abandoned at Upolu Airport. The pink sticker on the window is a police notice that the car will be impounded if it isn’t moved. But I liked the fact that the seat behind it holds several car parts boxes. Presumably the parts were tried, but failed to restore life to the car.

I also liked the little ‘Arf!’ sticker on the front. I hope the owner takes better care of the dog than they did the car.

An abandoned car in Hawaii

Signs: Banana Leaf Coffee & Tea

A sign for the Banana Leaf Coffee & Tea shop in Hawi, Hawaii

Back in the early Covid days, work began on converting a space in downtown Hawi for Banana Leaf Coffee & Tea. I was interested in the project from the start. For one thing, it seemed not the best timing given that the number of visitors to Hawaii was hovering around zero with little prospect for change. Also, the location for this enterprise is across the street from Kohala Coffee Mill, a very popular stop for visitors and locals alike.

The project chugged along and seemed to be close to completion when this sign went up. But in the months since then, not much has happened. The building appears ready to go but the business hasn’t opened. I suspect it never will and one day I’ll be driving by and notice the sign has gone.

That’s a pity. I quite like the sign, in part because when I first saw it, my immediate reaction was, “Mmmm, jelly beans.”